Music and Digital Culture in the Middle East and North Africa is a research project based in the Department of Music at City, University of London. The project is led by Dr Laudan Nooshin and Dr Stephen Wilford.

We seek to investigate the role that digital cultures (and particularly the Internet) play in the daily lives and musical practices of composers, performers and listeners throughout the contemporary Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. We are particularly interested in the ways that digital technologies cut across the parameters of age, gender, class and religion to open up new opportunities and sonic worlds, and challenge established notions of public and private space in the region.

We welcome engagement within anyone interested in music-making in the contemporary MENA region, including music scholars, filmmakers, composers, musicians and listeners.

We would like to thank City, University of London for providing funding for this project via their Research Pump Priming Fund. We would also like to thank the Institute of Music Research for awarding Dr Stephen Wilford an Early Career Fellowship and funding for a networking event in May 2017.